Factchecking and Misinformation Journalist

The Journal continues to grow as one of the most used and trusted sources of news in Ireland and is now looking to hire a journalist to work in the area of factchecking and misinformation.

Since 2016, our FactCheck unit has been at the forefront of finding and countering bad information. As misinformation surges in Ireland, we want a journalist who can help us get reliable, accurate information out into the world and deliver must-read content which deepens our audience's knowledge and understanding.

We're looking to hire a journalist with excellent news judgement and research skills to write factchecks and articles about misinformation.

You'll be looking for claims, establishing the facts behind them, and communicating your findings in a clear format, so you'll need excellent writing and communication skills.

Our factchecks cover a wide range of topics, from the Covid-19 pandemic to Brexit to Irish politics and everything in between, so you'll need a strong knowledge of the news, an understanding of the misinformation culture in Ireland and elsewhere, and the ability to produce objective, evidence-based journalism.

Applicants should send a CV and cover letter to [email protected], along with either a sample factcheck written by you on a piece of misinformation of your choosing, or two articles you have written - links are fine - which demonstrate your research skills and suitability for this role.

Closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday 20th August.

Salary will be commensurate with experience.

What you'll be doing

Working as part of our editorial team, you'll be identifying false claims and misinformation themes being shared on social media and in public debate in Ireland, and writing factchecks and articles about them. You will also be looking at common patterns and pieces of misinformation that are taking hold across European networks, as part of The Journal's work with EDMO (European Digital Media Observatory).

You'll be able to write fast, accurate and clean articles which solidify The Journal's position as the go-to place for the best coverage of misinformation in Ireland. You'll also be involved in the distribution of our factchecking work, including sharing it on our social media channels and thinking of innovative ways to challenge false narratives.

Skills required

  • At least 2 years experience in journalism or a similar field
  • Strong and demonstrable research skills, particularly online
  • Excellent news judgement
  • Proven ability to self-start and deliver on original stories
  • Comfort with and expertise in using a CMS and writing for an online audience
  • Knowledge and experience of Ireland's legal framework around defamation, publishing and copyright
  • Proven capabilities around the use of social media to disseminate quality information
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